Need A Home For Your Association?

GMGinfo   A smart and cost-effective alternative to maintaining a staffed headquarters or relying completely on volunteer efforts, Gidley Management Group, Inc. (GMG), an association management company, serves as the business office and staff for multiple non-profit organizations.

GMG works with your Board of Directors to concentrate on the big picture — setting policy and strategic planning — while the day-to-day operations are cared for by experienced association professionals.

The client/vendor relationship between the association and GMG alleviates the board of responsibilities inherent in being an employer and running an office. Because GMG houses several associations, fixed expenses, such as rent and computer equipment, are shared by the various organizations, lowering the cost for all. Additionally, each client association benefits from the experience and knowledge of management and support professionals who work with different groups and are on top of the trends in the association industry.

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